Banana Pillow 'U' Shaped Relaxation & Reading Body Pillow - Dynamic use body pillow for pregnant mothers-to-be and for sitting up in bed, relaxing and reading

The Banana Body Pillow has two long cushioning arms provides you support when you are sitting up or lying down relaxing in bed. The u-shaped pillow is also handy when you need a little extra padding whilst sitting in your favourite chair. Kids love using the Banana body pillow when relaxing on the floor doing homework as it provides support in all the right places.

Use in bed as a back support pillow for watching TV or reading. Also great to use between legs when pregnant. You will love this multi-use banana pillow as it provides many different options for comfort and support.

Support your body in all the right places - During pregnancy you can put the U-shaped Banana Body Pillow behind your lower back to relieve back ache & give added support to your frame

The Banana Body Pillow is a versatile Pregnancy Pillow designed to provide relief during and after pregnancy. After birth, the Banana Body Pillow can be used to help support you and your baby in an ideal feeding position. It can also provide relief for your legs, tummy and back at the same time, eliminating the need to sleep with numerous pillows.

The ergonomic U shape is perfect for allowing easy change of sleeping positions as well as elevation to relieve heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy. 

A must have Maternity Pillow for Pregnancy, especially during the second & third trimesters. The U-shaped pregnancy pillow is quite simply the ultimate Pregnancy Pillow! Put an end to restless nights and lower back pain with our Banana pillow.

Also great to use between your legs to stop spinal twisting. Mothers-to-be will love the Banana Body Pillow.

The U-Shaped Pillow is perfect for the side sleeper - Side sleepers will love its supportive and comfortable design

  • Perfect for side sleepers.
  • Provides supports your head and neck.
  • Provides correct spinal alignment.
  • Provides full support for your upper body.
  • Replaces 2 Standard Pillows.

The U-Shaped Body Pillow allows the sleeper to keep their head in perfect alignment with the spine, while the u-shaped arms give support across your chest and comfort for your arms and shoulders. Most standard pillows don't provide the proper support that a side sleeper needs for a deep and restful sleep.

The V-Shaped Side Sleeper Pillow's unique V-shape provides room for your shoulder while the pillow cushions your head and keeps your spine properly aligned. It won't leave you with a stiff neck upon waking like regular pillows. If you are a side sleeper you will love the Banana Body Pillow!

The Banana body pillow comes in 2 sizes, Medium & Large - Arms of large size are 12cm longer and 4cm wider than medium size.

Care Instructions

Inner Cover: Remove filling. Wash in warm water using mild detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach. Line dry.
Filling: Do not wash.


Name Banana Pillow
Size Medium Large
Code TPI041 TPI045
Filling Polyester Polyfill
Inner cover Polypropylene
Outer Cover(optional) Poly/Cotton Blend or 100% Pure Cotton
Country of Manufacture Australian Made
Unit Weight  6 kg
Colour Candy Red
Seat Width 460 mm
Seat To Floor Height 620 mm

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