Extra-soft adjustable memory foam pillow with cooling gel

Extra soft fully adjustable contoured memory foam supports the neck and spine, while silica gel infusion helps to keep you cool.

You’ll love the soft cooling comfort of the Complete Sleeprr Gel Infused pillow

  • Premium extra-soft memory foam shapes to your head and neck and provides spine support.
  • One side lower contour, other side higher contour - the choice is yours.
  • Inserts and noodles can be adjusted or removed to find your most comfortable fit.
  • Scalloped under-edges allow shoulders to slip snugly beneath the pillow.
  • Gel infused memory foam regulates and cools body temperature.
  • Contour pillow shape helps to keep the airways open.
  • Recommended by more than 1000 Australian healthcare professionals.

Designed in conjunction with health professionals to help with a range of conditions and ailments

  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • overheating during sleep
  • headaches and migraine reduction
  • improves neck and shoulder pain
  • assists with sleep apnea and snoring
  • encourages side sleeping
  • improves posture and general wellness

Designed to provide full cervical neck support

An incredibly comfortable contoured cervical neck support pillow – extra soft gel-infused memory foam moulds and shapes to your head and neck, promoting correct spinal alignment and providing ample support to the spine. The noodles in the foam surface can be removed to further enhance softness.

The contoured design ensures the head and neck are properly cushioned and supported during sleep, helping to open airways and promote good breathing patterns. Side sleeping is encouraged, snoring minimised and neck and shoulder stress and muscle stiffness alleviated. 

Cooling gel relieves night sweats, hot flashes and overheating

Gel infused memory foam responds to body temperature, delaying heat buildup and providing a cooling effect – wonderful relief from night sweats or the hot flashes so many women experience during menopause.

The pillow comes encased in a ‘breathable’ open weave removable pillow slip. 

<table align="left" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" class="table">
            <th scope="row" style="text-align: left; vertical-align: middle; width: 300px;">Code</th>
            <th scope="row">Name</th>
            <p>Complete Sleeprrr Gel Infused Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow - Extra Soft Version</p>
            <th scope="row">Size</th>
            <td>38 cm wide x 52 cm long x 14 cm &amp; 12 cm high</td>
            <th scope="row">Foam</th>
            <td>100% Australian made Visco Elastic Cell with Silica Gel Immersion</td>
            <th scope="row">Country of Manufacture</th>
            <td>Australian Made</td>
            <th scope="row">Cover</th>
            <td>Open weave polyester</td>

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