Trustcare Let's Move Outdoor Rollator: Lightness Meets Elegance for Outdoor Mobility

Embrace outdoor freedom with the Trustcare Let's Move Outdoor Rollator, an extraordinary blend of modern elegance, safety, and practicality. Designed to fit a wide range of users, this rollator is not just a mobility aid but a statement of style.

Highlight Features:

  • Ultra-Lightweight Frame: Weighing just 5.4 kg, this is one of the world's lightest aluminium rollators, making handling and transportation a breeze.
  • Elegant Design: Beautifully crafted with rubber handles that provide optimal grip and gentleness to your hands. Its sleek appearance makes it instantly appealing.
  • Safe and Secure: Equipped with a parking brake and regular brake, it offers excellent control without any visible wires, tested according to ISO standards for a max user weight of 130 kg.
  • Easy to Fold: Its unique folding design allows it to stand by itself, ensuring a compact and easy storage solution.
  • Effortless Mobility: With a carbon fibre-class weight in an aluminium frame, it's a smooth and comfortable companion for outdoor adventures.

The Trustcare Let's Move Outdoor Rollator is more than just a walking aid; it's a symbol of independence, ease, and style. Whether it's a casual walk in the park or a shopping trip, this rollator ensures that you can move with grace, comfort, and confidence.

Code HM-LM202
Name Trustcare Let's move outdoor rollator - Grey
Width 58 cm
Length 65 cm
Handle Height 78 - 93 cm
Seat Height 60 cm
Weight 5.4 kg

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